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Strategic Partners

Strategic partner providing marketing and research – Asia
• Collaborate with clients on all aspects of the Marketing Life Cycle
Legal and Regulatory Advisory – Cambodia
• Specialised in advisory on banking, M&A, licencing, project transactions
Soul Wealthy Group
Insurance and related services – Cambodia and Singapore, Asia
• Corporate general insurance and group medical staff plans
• Offshore wealth management insurance and estate planning services
Straits Bridge
Financial Systems Analytics Management – Asia and Middle East
• AI and analytics financial services especially for banks and business groups
Water’s Edge
Branding Strategy-Identity, end-to-end Execution – Asia and China
• Over 35 years of track record in Asia region with multiple top awards
Offshore Private Equity Capital, Asset Management services – Asia, Hong Kong
• Based in Singapore, licensed by Central Bank, for the accredited investors
HR Consultancy and Executive Search – Asia Pacific
• Cross border senior executives search and placement
• Corporate Organizational Development Consultancy
Myanmar presence
• Strategic partner providing IT Systems Solutions and Business Advisory