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Track records:

Relevant projects in Cambodia under 3E-Fii Group 


  • Clients’ NDA confidentiality and professional integrity and conduct do not permit us to reveal specific names, and detailed nature and profile of private deals, etc. saved for the general idea of type of deals we as 3E-Fii Group collectively has done and capable of doing.
  • Following are just selected samples for different scope work to illustrate our competence and track record
Technology solutions firm acquisition:
  • Full scope end to end corporate finance deal
  • Due diligence and valuation of acquisition of technology company in Cambodia.
  • Plus, advisory services to Buy-side on structuring the deal, documentation drafting and execution, post-investment accounting and financial budgeting, reports etc.
  • Helped organize post investment new management strategy planning meeting
  • Facilitated kick start board meeting post-investor participation, and
  • Retained as Corporate Advisor to the target company to track investment performance and company development progress
Hospital expansion capital fund raising with investors
  • Investment sell-side valuation advisory: reconstruct the financials (P/L, B/S) pus contingent off balance items so as to prepare investment pitch deck to potential buyers
  • Conducted an internal valuation with benchmarks to regional hospital listed in Asia and suggest approach to target certain potential investors
  • Presented investment pitch to a Japanese listed medical group and addressed all queries and requests from the Buy-side
  • Arranged a listed regional Medical group from Malaysia to visit and tour client’s facilities, meet the management and networking exploration for a tie-up, with potential buy-in as strategic investor as well.
  • Assist client in advising how to deal with the financial investor DD currently in process.
Education group
  • Full Investment sell-side advisory: review business plans and financial projections, and assist in client’s investment pitch deck, with guidance on valuation expectations with regional benchmarks and market dynamics etc.
  • Facilitate financial investor DD and coordinate with client on all the documents, information and queries etc. as investment advisor
  • Help to strategize funding and capital planning for the broader group while monetizing partially from the sale transaction
  • Talking to and arranging strategic investors for interest in DD
  • Personal advisor to the Group on all financial management and business strategy
Fintech acquisition
  • Helped to structure the investment already decided but need for corporatizing the target company: mandated by client to help target to structure investment agreement with all stakeholders, valuation and use of funds, documentation and setting up of basic governance post investment (accounting records, portfolio reports, business strategic plans, bank statements consolidation, off balance deals reporting, etc.)
  • Facilitated the signing of investment agreement, conducted the AGM for the first time, and implementation of the investment agreement conditions, etc.
  • Phase 2: retainer corporate advisor role
Large industrial group
  • Corporate retainer advisory on all financing and corporate finance plus overseas investment set up plans for the entire group
  • Represented client in meeting listing sponsor for overseas listing for a JV subsidiary
  • Capital funding and investment plans for entire group including real estate division with one of the several projects alone over few hundred USD millions for next 5-8 years timeframe
F&B division of the large conglomerate group
  • Proposed asset injection and share swap with Singapore F&B group for listing in Singapore
  • Presented concept paper ideas to both sides, and facilitate engagement discussions between 2 parties with exchange of certain information and structure
Real estate group
  • Over few hundred USD millions real estate project and need financial management advisory and capital funding solutions, investors etc.
  • Exclusive Financial Advisor: conducted feasibility of financing options, proceeded with an asset back structured financing for overseas funding, with international ratings
  • A total of 16 bankers came together in Cambodia to do DD on structure deal, with local banks and banks in Cambodia and overseas banks from Singapore, institutional agencies etc.
  • Received indicative pricings and tentative commitments.
F&B group
  • Corporatization project to expansion of core business and diversification to other divisions with comprehensive capital planning, search for Strategic Investor Partner, plans for potential listing and M&A
  • Retainer Corporate Advisor on exclusive basis for all business, financing, financings, corporate finance and business strategy formulation and execution on a multi years commitment agreement
Investment teasers and investment decks preparation and distribution to our network of Buy-Sides in Asia Pacific Region.
  • MFIs, finco and leasing, consumer loans company, etc.
  • Small SME bank
  • Real estate: industrial SEZ, hotels, mix development, residential blocks, etc.
  • IT systems provider and integration with software development support service
  • Hospital expansion projects
  • Education group
  • Agriculture downstream projects
  • Automotive distributor with upstream related businesses and warehousing project
  • Overseas Central Bank approved registered P2P fintech